Our Mission

For the glory of God, the Dampier Seafarers Centre intends to provide a physically, emotionally, and spiritually safe place for seafarers, regardless of rank, nationality or beliefs.

What We Do

Through ship visits and our drop-in centre we provide welfare and emergency assistance, practical support and need items, communication services and a friendly welcome to all ship crews and visitors at Dampier Port. We are able to connect seafarers with many organisations that can provide more help to them than they would be able to find on their own.

The Dampier Seafarers Centre seeks to help seafarers in all kinds of practical ways. This often starts with a warm welcome. Seafarers are away from loved ones for a long time and may face loneliness, health problems or even injury. The hospitality from the chaplains, assistants and volunteers may be the only onshore help and encouragement they receive.

We try and connect visiting seafarers with loved ones through the internet and telephone. Our centre also provides a place where seafarers can chat about anything other than seafaring and strike up conversations with someone who isn’t a crew member. To this end the Dampier Seafarers Centre aims to be a place where seafarers can meet people who can listen to them.

Aerial photo of the 4 terminals our Centre services (L to R): Mistaken Island; East Intercourse Island; Parker Point; and PPA (Bulk Liquids Berth and Dampier Cargo Wharf)

How We Do It

Dampier Seafarers Centre is a part of Mission to Seafarers International which has operations in over 200 ports in 50 countries caring for seafarers. It is in connection to this global network of chaplains, staff and volunteers we offer support to seafarers.


We seek to help seafarers with their needs and assist with issues that they face like communication, fatigue, mental health, abandonment, piracy and shipwreck. To that end, we enjoy the support of the port authorities and critical investors of the export trade as well as the surrounding businesses and assistance organisations in all that we do.

Locally we are connected to the Anglican Church of Australia, and specifically to the Diocese of North Western Australia, and are a part of its mission to honour God in all we do.

The Chaplain

The Mission to Seafarers engages ordained and lay port chaplains to carry out the vital role of delivering our professional welfare services for seafarers at the front line. The chaplain at the Dampier Seafarers Centre fulfils three roles: a ship visiting chaplain; a centre based chaplain for those dropping in; and the not-for-profit organisation’s Managing Director.

The role can be summarised by how a chaplain visits seafarers.

The first person a chaplain meets when boarding a ship is the watchman. The watchman will want to know your purpose and expect that everyone who comes up that gangway is more work for them and everyone else on the ship.

However, when the chaplain enters a ship, they are not more work for the seafarer, in fact they are in the unique position of being the opposite. The chaplain is there there for the seafarers, for their benefit, welfare and needs.

In one way the chaplain is not there for themselves when they visit a ship, as a Christian boarding a ship, the chaplain is there for Jesus. This will do nothing but benefit those whom the chaplain is there to see. Being there for Jesus means that the work of the chaplain is the work of showing love and care to those who receive none.

“So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead” James 2:17.

Photo courtesy of Mission to Seafarers International www.missiontoseafarers.org

Our Supporters

Anglican Church of North West Australia – www.anglicandnwa.org

Bible Society – www.biblesociety.org.au

Dampier Salt – www.dampiersalt.com.au

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Pilbara Ports Authority – www.pilbaraports.com.au

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